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One of the main EU challenges regarding reducing youth unemployment is to ensure that the developed skills of the future workforce meet the needs of the workplace. Work-based learning uses the workplace as a powerful learning environment that highly contributes to this aim.The overall aim of the project is to make work-based learning more effective so that it results in a win-win situation for both learners (resulting in an early employment outcome) and for the hosting enterprise (producing benefits).


Main challenges:

The main challenges still detected are both, an insufficient communication and collaboration between VET providers and businesses, and a skills gap among learners of transversal skills, namely entrepreneurship skills. For work-based learning to be effective and also more cost-efficient, learners need to be more proactive, creative, increase problem solving skills, reflect and conceptualise the learnt and communicate more effectively. VET teachers play a key role in this as they can act as facilitator. The project pursues the main objective of training VET teachers in helping their students to make the most of their work-based learning by applying entrepreneurship skills and to provide teachers with skills and strategies to engage in long-term school-business collaborations.

The consortium unites VET providers, businesses and social partner from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Poland and Croatia. As main tangible results, the consortium will produce an online training course for VET teachers and different complementary support tools. By responding to the above mentioned needs, the project capacitates teachers resulting in an increased number of long-term collaborations between businesses and VET providers. It is also expected that the project’s contribution to a more effective learning experience for students will influence an increase of early employment outcomes. Fostering the win-win situation of work-based learning is expected to have a positive impact on the promotion and, finally, the offer of work-based learning opportunities.


Project results: