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A few words about the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs

The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – S.E.G.E – is a national non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1997, and is addressed to women who are active in business in Greece. The empowerment for the entrepreneurial and interpersonal development of every woman is the central core of the philosophy of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – S.E.G.E. The mission of S.E.G.E. is the development of women and the support of the sustainability of their business through the implementation of actions such as Consulting, Education, Mentoring, etc. At the same time, S.E.G.E. is actively involved with actions designed to empower every woman in order to help her find the professional and interpersonal direction she deserves.

The SEGE consists of 1,500 active registered members and holds a wide range of network organisations across Europe.

So far, more than 10,000 women have been training and 20 European projects have been implemented.

Main operating axes

Mentoring και Coaching

To women who are either entrepreneurs or wish to become one.

Organisation of conferences and events

For female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Networking businesses within and across borders

So our members can exchange experiences and seek new partners.

Training of women

For their personal and economic empowerment.


Young entrepreneurship.

Financial, professional and business support

Women victims of violence in order to integrate them into the workplace.

Creating a community

Supporting women in their professional and personal development.

S.E.G.E. stands by every woman who wants to empower herself, create and contribute to society through any form of entrepreneurship.

Evita Stavrou

Member of S.E.G.E.

Our impact

Ο Σ.Ε.Γ.Ε. σε αριθμούς

European Projects
Business Missions abroad
Active Women Entrepreneurs
Women received free support from our actions
Support for young women entrepreneurs

The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, establishes branches nationwide in order to empower the female population personally and professionally.

A branch of the Association has so far been established in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.