The #KamiaMoni campaign is an effort of the Hellenic Women’s Businessmen’s Association – S.E.G.E. as part of Civil Society, to support and help every woman who contacts us, with targeted support actions in cases that need immediate assistance.

The ultimate goal of all of us is to prevent violence against women, by finding ways to address the root causes of this phenomenon and by raising awareness and informing everyone.

The core of this initiative is the practical assistance focusing primarily on economical empowerment, through the development of an information platform and direct support for victims and the creation of a wider network of volunteers from various specialties who will participate in this project in a subsidiary capacity and to whom any person may turn for help.

As part of the organized activation, always aiming at the comprehensive protection and empowerment of women in need, the #KamiaMoni action covers fundamental needs of vital importance such as:

  • Sheltered housing,
  • Medical/medical care,
  • Psychological support,
  • Legal information.

However, the feature that establishes the action ‘Kamia Moni’ as determined to put an end to gender violence, is the guidance of the woman who has suffered abusive behavior towards her dynamic reintegration into society. The action ‘No One Alone’, in addition to being a safe shelter, is also a place of education, training and guidance for women who are in a vulnerable position.

The risk of a woman becoming a victim of abuse is directly linked to her economic hardship which, unfortunately, results in her total dependence on family members to ensure her survival. The sense of dependence on a psychological and practical level gradually weakens her and renders her unable to stand and rely on her own feet. Moreover, it creates a strong sense of insecurity and fear for the future. A socially weakened woman, due to her lack of professional activity and long hours spent in the family, combined with her vulnerable psychological state, is unfortunately at greater risk of exposure to forms of violence.

The #kamiamoni action’s approach toward the total elimination of forms of gender-based violence and abuse is guided by the guiding principle of radically changing the lives of survivors of violence. The total empowerment of the survivor and the encouragement of her independence as an equal and integral member of society is achieved through the psychological/legal support provided by the action, but also through the thorough preparation of the survivor for the future through:

  • Continuing education and training,​
  • Financial support for women entrepreneurs,​
  • Advisory actions and suggestions, guidance and encouragement from ambassadors who have excelled in the areas of support and mentoring,​
  • Personalised assistance to enhance their skills,​
  • Support with the programme: ‘ForMe’, through which women can work together promoting handmade products following a common marketing strategy,​
  • Finding jobs according to their interests

Having developed an extensive network of volunteers, we organize empowerment and support actions for a large number of women and proceed directly to anonymous targeted support actions in individual cases that need immediate assistance. Kamiamoni.gr is an effort that aims to eliminate gender-based violence together. Our goal is for all women to be happy and live the life they deserve.

Specifically, the support that S.E.G.E. can provide covers the following needs:

Find Hosting

Looking for shelter? Don’t have a place to stay? Is living under the same roof torture? We understand you and want to find a solution for you. There is the possibility of accommodation once you contact us. Find out about the anonymous support actions in individual cases that need immediate help.

Financial Empowerment

Provision of food and material support (basic necessities, clothes, medicines, baby/children’s items, etc.) to cover the first needs or any needs that arise based on the specificity of each case, for as long as this is necessary. An organized group of volunteers and a whole network of partners can help you and is at your disposal.

Talk to our Experts

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to stand on your own two feet and become financially independent? Get a little help. Through our volunteer-partner network, you will find the financial support you are looking for. Find out about the empowerment and support actions we organize.

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