Beyond Crisis project : Study visit in Thessaloniki, Greece

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We are thrilled to share in-depth insights from the second international study visit of the Beyond Crisis project, held in the captivating city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Representatives from social economy institutions and organizations from Reggio Emilia and Cartagena united to cultivate collaboration and exchange invaluable experiences in the dynamic field of social economy.

Day 1: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The first day, in partnership with the 5th edition of the Female Entrepreneurial Week – FEW organized by the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – SEGE, was a celebration of women’s entrepreneurship. It featured engaging training sessions, dynamic knowledge exchange, and impactful presentations. Participants were inspired by the experiences shared, including the pioneering story of the first female energy community in Greece, WEnCoop. Moreover, a digital platform empowering women artisans to assess and sell local products took center stage, emphasizing the project’s commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs and social economy companies.

Day 2: Exploring Thessaloniki’s Social Economy Landscape

The second day unfolded as participants embarked on an alternative tour of Thessaloniki, providing a deeper understanding of cooperatives, social enterprises, and organizations shaping the city’s social fabric. Key areas explored included accessible tourism, fair trade initiatives, support for digital entrepreneurship, and youth-focused projects. The interactions facilitated rich cross-cultural exchanges, sparking discussions on organizing educational pathways with a focus on accessibility and sustainability.

Cross-Pollination and Collaboration

The encounters between representatives from the three participating countries resulted in meaningful cross-pollination. Topics of mutual interest, such as the organization of educational pathways and sustainable practices, emerged during discussions. These exchanges lay the groundwork for continued collaboration and shared initiatives in the realm of social economy.

Upcoming: Final Meeting in Cartagena

The international visit program will reach its culmination with a final meeting scheduled in Cartagena at the 25th and 26th of January 2024. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the social economy ecosystem in the Murcia region, exploring best practices and organizations that actively contribute to creating value for both people and the environment.

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