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We organize group and individual empowerment activities with the aim of a stronger presence of women in leadership positions, as well as better management of challenges in the business field



We organize and participate in educational programs with the aim of providing our members and beneficiaries the opportunity to be trained in various subjects, enrich their knowledge and skills, and achieve personal and professional development.



Through the mentoring program, beneficiaries have the opportunity to identify their work values, establish professional standards, define their professional identity, enhance their professional maturity, and receive training in decision-making methods.



Our fundamental goal is the interaction of members within a network of robust businesses in the domestic and global market through entrepreneurial missions, B2B activities, meetings, and participation in volunteer workgroups for various areas of interest

Active Women Entrepreneurs
Women received free support from our actions
European Projects
New Female Start-ups
Business Missions abroad

Why should I become a member of S.E.G.E.

As a member of the Women’s Association
of Women Entrepreneurs of Greece:

  • You can have access to all the support and empowerment programs of the Association.
  • To receive advisory support, guidance and help, in problems related to your business or professional activity.
  • To take part in institutional meetings abroad.
  • To help other women with your knowledge and experience.

Together we get even bigger
Despina Triakosari

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